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 Glam Rock band Secos & Mohados

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PostSubject: Glam Rock band Secos & Mohados   Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:12 pm

Secos & Molhados was an innovative glam-rockBrazilian band of the early 70's that helped launch singer Ney Matogrosso's career. The other two members were João Ricardo, founder of the band, and Gerson Conrad. Though short-lived - only two albums were released, one in 1973 and one in 1974 - the band was very successful and remains highly influentlial. Matogrosso's unusual high-pitched voice helped create a distinct identity as well as the band's excentric heavy make-up and outfits. On stage, he performed an exotic and sensual choreography1. As much of the rock made since the Tropicália, Secos & Molhados' style was one marked by a broad fusion of styles.
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Glam Rock band Secos & Mohados
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