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 Nu Metal band Ill Nino

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PostSubject: Nu Metal band Ill Nino   Nu Metal band Ill Nino I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2008 3:06 pm

ll Niño is a six-piece metal band from New Jersey, USAIll Niño was founded in 1998, they had released a demo EP in that same year with Jorge Rosado on vocals. The EP was entitled El Niño, when they were originally called El Niño, after the weather phenomenon. It was until 1999 that they had officially formalized. After Rosado's return to his band Merauder, El Niño signed with Roadrunner Records in 2000, but were forced to change their name because it was already being used by another band.

They released their debut album, Revolution Revolución, on September 18, 2001. In support of the album's release, the band was part of the Ozzfest and Jägermeister tours in 2002. The album's single, "What Comes Around," also received significant airplay on MTV2 in late 2001. In early 2003, right before Ill Niño was set to record the follow-up to Revolution Revolución, guitarist Marc Rizzo and percussionist Roger Vasquez left the band, due to personal conflicts and the desire to pursue different projects. Rizzo stayed aboard long enough to record the guitars for the new album, and they got percussionist Danny Couto to replace Roger Vasquez for the recording. Shortly before the release of Confession, the band hired Ahrue Luster, formerly of Machine Head, to fill the vacant guitar spot.
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Nu Metal band Ill Nino
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