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 What is Psychedelic Rock?

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PostSubject: What is Psychedelic Rock?   Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:01 pm

Psychedelic rock is a style of rock music that attempts to replicate the mind-altering experiences of hallucinogenic drugs. The musical style typically features electric guitars, 12 strings being preferred for their 'jangle'; elaborate studio effects - backwards taping, panning (sound placement in the stereo field), phasing, long delay loops and extreme reverb; exotic instrumentation, with a particular fondness for the sitar and tabla; A strong keyboard presence, especially Hammond, Farfisa and Vox Organs, the Rhodes electric piano, Harpsichords and the Mellotron (an early tape-driven 'sampler'); a strong emphasis on extended instrumental solos; modal melodies and surreal, esoterically inspired or whimsical lyrics.

Psychedelic rock is a bridge from early blues-based rock to progressive rock and heavy metal, but it also drew on non-Western sources such as Indian music's rāgas and sitars. Unlike acid rock, which refers to styles overlapping with hard rock or heavy metal and thrash metal, psychedelic rock is generally more mellow. Other forms of psychedelic music diverged from the prevalent rock style, assimilating elements of Folk, Jazz and electronic music to create further sub-genres.
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What is Psychedelic Rock?
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