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 Thrash Metal band Annihilator

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Thrash Metal band Annihilator Empty
PostSubject: Thrash Metal band Annihilator   Thrash Metal band Annihilator I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2008 1:55 pm

Annihilator is a Canadian thrash metal band which debuted with the critically-acclaimed album, Alice in Hell.Annihilator was started in Ottawa, Canada by Jeff Waters in 1984. He wrote and recorded the song "Annihilator" (different than the track of the same name released on the 1994 album, King of the Kill), with singer John Bates. This original version of "Annihilator" was released on the special edition of the 2005 album Schizo Deluxe.

Waters and Bates then recruited drummer Paul Malek and bassist Dave Scott. This lineup lasted two years and the tracks written in this period made up a good part of the band's first two albums. Before the release of their debut LP, John Bates and Dave Scott decided to leave the band, citing "artistic differences" and "personality conflicts". Waters relocated to Vancouver where he assembled a whole new line-up, including former D.O.A. member Randy Rampage. Waters has frequently changed Annihilator's line-up throughout its run and performed as lead vocalist himself between the albums King of the Kill and Remains, the songs Holding On from 2004's All For You, Too Far Gone from the 2005 album Schizo Deluxe and Operation Annihilation from 2007's Metal.
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Thrash Metal band Annihilator
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